Impressions of the formnext 2018

Thomas Krumm and the Krumm-tec sales team enjoyed the week at the formnext exhibition in Frankfurt. We would like to thank the formnext for the organisation, and our fellow exhibitors and partners for the warm welcome – we had an impressive week full of new possibilities in the area of additive manufacturing.

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Meet us at the formnext exhibition in Frankfurt

In just a few days the additive manufacturing exhibition formnext will welcome its international guests in Frankfurt, Germany. From 12th to 16th of November, the leading companies in the additive manufacturing industry will be presenting their latest developments and discussing future possibilites.

This year, not only well-known industry giants like 3D Systems and Stratasys will be participating, but also international research institutions such as Frauenhofer.

We are looking forward to see you there! Find us at hall 3 at booth F78.

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The future of additive manufacturing at 3D TAGE

With a focus on 3D printing, the unique trade fair in the Black Forest region of South Germany offered a top-class two day programme for companies working in the field of additive manufacturing. The 3D TAGE gave us the opportunity to both meet familiar faces of the industry and have a professional exchange leading to upcoming collaborations.

We are very happy that 3D LABS invited us another time to their excellent trade fair. Special thanks go to Mr Gerhard Duda and his team for the warm welcome. We are looking forward to join them again next year!

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Krumm-tec at the 3D-TAGE exhibition in St. Georgen

From 20th to 21st of June 2018, Krumm-tec will be attending the fair 3D-Tage in St. Georgen, Black Forest, Germany. The trade show is hosted by Technologiezentrum St. Georgen and 3D-LABS.

This year, representatives of well-known companies  (3D Systems, Stratasys and many more) and leading research institutes (Frauenhofer etc) will show the latest developments in additive manufacturing. The trade fair is not only appreciated by professionals – for those interested in 3D printing and rapid manufacturing, the fair has developed an exciting program with lectures and workshops.

We are looking forward to being there this year!

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Groundbreaking ceremony for the new production site

With a symbolic turn of the sod last Tuesday, the 11 April 2017, Krumm-tec laid the foundation for its new production site and company building in Endingen. To the groundbreaking ceremony at our new site, we welcomed the President of the administrative district Freiburg, Ms Bärbel Schäfer and the mayor of the city of Endingen, Mr Hans-Joachim Schwarz. Krumm-tec wishes to express its deep gratitude to the state of Baden-Württemberg and its funding program “Spitze auf dem Land” for the support. 

Together with our qualified team and the opportunities provided by the new site, we will be very happy to continuously offer our clients excellent solutions in the area of automatic cleaning technology. 


Krumm-tec moves its headquarter to Endingen

Since 1996, Krumm has been changing from a local crafts business to the global technology company it is today. After 55 years in Bahlingen, we are changing our headquarters to our new site in Endingen.

„Spitze auf dem Land“, an European funding program, supports our plan to move to the new industrial park “Whyler Weg” to build a new production hall, a company building and a laboratory. With 2,000 sqm, our new site offers us the opportunity to grow accordingly to changing industry standards. This is all the more important as Krumm-tec wants to increase its activity in the aerospace technology, needing appropriate dimensioned and equipped facilities to meet the industry’s requirements. The new plant also provides the opportunity to work on the further development of our explosion-proof cleaning systems for 3d-printed metal parts made with SLM technology.

Krumm-Gebeude-02Picture: 3D-model of the new site

Uebergabe_3D_Modell_IMG_8463Picture (f.l.t.r): Thomas Krumm, Florian Herr, Christa Krumm

New sales representative at Krumm-tec

We are pleased to announce that a new member has joined our sales representatives team.

René Händel has gained many years of experience in the office and field organisation in the 3D industry. Since this June, he takes care of Krumm-tecs customers in north-east Germany and is responsible for Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia. Due to his large-scale experience and profound knowledge of the market and its customers, he will support the future developments of Krumm-tec in Germany.

With the addition of René Händel to our sales representatives team, we ensure a intensive and continuos client care. Frequent face-to-face contacts broaden our already high level of service.


Photo: René Händel (Area sales manager)


The aerospace industry is primarily concerned with the development and operation of aircrafts.

Krumm-tec cleaning cabins can be integrated in all production sectors of aircraft construction: from the conception to shell construction and interior fittings of the machines. Our cleaning cabins are also used in servicing and maintenance: typical applications are engine and turbine parts, hydraulic components and components for the aircraft interiors and board accessories. Many leading aerospace companies have integrated Krumm-tec technology in their industrial manufacturing.

Tool- and mould-making

The industry branches tool- and mould-making emerged from the craft of metalworking and are in the area of production technology. Their work areas are development, construction and production of tools as well as injection moulds and dies.

Looking at our cleaning cabins, years of experience as a craft business and our know how in the area of metalworking become evident. When planning our cleaning systems, we not only pay attention to a high-quality cleaning process, but also to the handling of our machines, such as a efficient supply of the material – no matter which dimensions.

Our specialists gladly advice custumers of those industry branches. Together we will find an ideal solution.

Medical technology

In Germany medical technology as well as pharmaceutical and chemical industry are part of the most established industry branches.

Great demands on hygiene in the pharmaceutical industry as well as strict security guidelines in the chemical industry require special solutions. Therefore, we developed a product series of cleaning systems, which meets the high requirements of these industry branches. Our cleaning systems guarantee a residue-free cleaning: whether in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, medical technology, dental technology or biotechnology – Krumm-tec cleaning systems are used worldwide. Typical applications include the cleaning of medical tools and equipment and the surface treatment of prototypes among others.


The quality of a car is always the result of its construction. Due to increasing demands on quality and safety, the industrial production of an automobile requires a great deal of technical resources, employees and innovations. Innovations such as the possibility to print 3D prototypes enable modern production companies to product in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Krumm-tec cleaning systems can be used in all production sectors a car has to pass through to be finished: from the conception to the contruction of the shell of the vehicle, the engine production, to the vehicle assembly and interior design.

Our cleaning cabins are able to clean engine components such as engine blocks and gears, sheet metal parts taken from the body construction, as well as plastic parts and 3D prototypes taken from the interior and exterior.


Despite the breakthrough of 3D printers in the field of prototype production, there can be no disagreement in one point, namely that if high quantities are needed, companies rely on the two classical ways of plastics processing: injection moulding and high pressure die casting.

For the mass production of plastic parts injection moulds and dies are needed. To clean the cooling channels of those forms, Krumm-tec has developed a production series of form test units. When looking at the capabilities of our form test units, our long-term experience as a craft business and our know-how in the field of metalworking becomes visible: they clean, rinse and filter the cooling channels, control the flow rates, they are capable of being heated or cooled and have a hydraulic system to open and close the core puller.


Various rapid prototyping processes such as Polyjet, FDM, SLA and many others allow modern production companies to produce their protoypes in-house.

As a result of the use of 3D printing technology, innovations in the shape of conceptual models, tools or even final parts can be realized much easier than before. This development allows an efficient process from the first functional tests to the start of the production phase.

When producing 3D prototypes, residues due to the material can occur, which ultimately results in a loss of quality of the models. Our Krumm-tec cleaning systems can not only clean prototypes of all sorts, but also finish their surface.

CleanLine: Cleaning for individual workflows

Professional work requires individual workflows. With the CleanLine, you are able to form the successive cleaning steps according to your requirements, which ensures an efficient cleaning process.

The CleanLine is not a standard solution, it will be manufactured according to the individual wishes and possibilites of our customers. When putting together the components, you are able to draw from our whole range of product. This means not only choosing from our wide range of cleaning cabins, but also from different work spaces and – if needed – EX-proof models. It is also possible to integrate one (or more) of our ultrasonic-capable machines such as the CleanMatic series. Depending on the requirements of our customers, we offer a multitude of individual additions and accessories, which increase the efficiency of the cleaning process. As the result of our many years of experience in the area of industrial cleaning, we are able to provide comprehensive advice to our customers.

We see the adjustment to the circumstances of the production facility as the basis of a high-grade cleaning solution. Therefore, Krumm-tec not only strives for the ideal solution concerning the composition of the machines, but also an suitable connection to the environment.


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Krumm-tec presents the CleanMatic9150

As the demand of printing larger FDM prototypes has been rising in the past few months, Krumm-tec has developed a cleaning cabin which is able to handle even the biggest protoypes – the CleanMatic 9150.

With external dimensions of about 2 metres in width, depth and height, it takes its place as the biggest cleaning cabin of the Krumm-tec CleanMatic series. The CleanMatic 9150 was especially developed for the handling and cleaning of large and heavy prototypes, thus is it equipped with a workspace of 1050 x 640 x 920 mm size, the ability to hold items up to 300kg and a tank volume of maximum 380 litres.

After the prototype has been lifted into the basket manually or with the help of a crane, the whole cleaning process is performed automatically. As soon as the basked is equipped, it immerses into the waterbath, which consists of pure water, aqueous solutions or even caustic soda (for FDM) – depending on the material of the part. With a powerstream and a temperature up to 80° degrees, the part is being removed of any residues. To even clean the smallest hollow spaces, the basket can be turned 360° degrees on its own axis.

About the CleanMatic series

The CleanMatic series consists of six cleaning cabins raging from the smallest CleanMatic 2150 for small prototypes to the CleanMatic 9150 for larger ones. They were all developed for the cleaning of FDM prototypes, but are also able to clean Polyjet, plastic and metal materials. The cleaning methods of the CleanMatic series range from purging with ultrasonic to heating and powerstream. All CleanMatics are also available in EX-proof for cleaning with dissolvents and alcohol.


Krumm-tec at the formnext 2015 in Frankfurt

The formnext 2015 at the international exhibition center in Frankfurt brought together specialists in tool making, additive technologies/3D printing as well as their suppliers and partners with the manufacturing industry. Alongside 232 international exhibitors and global market leaders, Krumm-tec was also represented there from 17th to 20th November.

Thorugh the variety and quality of the exhibitors, the formnext was able to establish the event as an impressive platform for cutting-edge product development. With more than 9.000 visitors from all over the world, the formnext turned out to be an impressive magnet for visitors.

Being present at formnext 2015, Krumm-tec was able to present its product range to international customers and gain new impressions on modern product development. We were very satisfied with the high visitor traffic as well as the positive mood at the booth and wanted to thank you for the many good talks with already familiar and new faces.

We are already looking forward to come back in 2016!


New Internet presence and Youtube-channel

After nearly ten years of online presence Krumm-tec is very proud to announce its new website at With the new page, Krumm-tec has found a way to visualize our broad product range of qualitative, efficient cleaning systems in a modern way.

Furthermore, we set up a Youtube-channel, where we upload new product videos on a regular basis, which you can also see on that site under the product sites.

You can find the youtube-channel here. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write us a mail via

Krumm-tec presents its new showroom

After a short period of renovation work and conversion phase, Krumm-tec is proud to announce that it finally has a new showroom since the 15th of September. The extensive room, which is located in the same building as the main office, serves not only as a presentation room, but also as a place, where customers and enthusiasts can convince themselves of the quality and efficiency of the Krumm-tec industrial cleaning systems.

As there is a representative selection of the cleaning cabins, various cleaning methods such as air pressure and ultrasonic can be tested there. Furthermore, the room provides space for workshops, where we offer the participants to clean their self-produced 3D-prints with our machines.





If you are interested in having a guided tour through our presentation room please write us a short request via Mail at We are looking forward to your visit!