ATEX – explosion protection

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Many of our customers carry out cleaning processes that involve working with flammable liquids or substances. These processes can generate gases, vapors or dusts that lead to an explosive atmosphere. Here we support you in the preparation of the necessary documents, such as a risk assessment, the EX document and all documents required for explosion protection.

  • Carrying out the risk assessment explosion protection
  • Identification of the potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Evaluation of the risk in terms of explosion protection
  • Recommendation of zone classifications / documentation in an explosion zone plan
  • Recording of the protective measures taken for explosion protection
  • Summarizing documentation including further recommended measures – Preparation of the explosion protection document
Explosionsfähig Krumm-tec
CleanLine Krumm-tec

A large number of the systems from krumm-tec
are possible with explosion protection – contact us!

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Useful information:

[German] Explosionsschutzportal der Berufsgenossenschaft Rohstoffe und chemische Industrie (BG RCI)

Wikipedia – ATEX directive

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