About Krumm-tec

Krumm-tec is a manufacturer of cleaning units and air filters specialized in industrial applications and 3d-prototypes



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What we offer

Why Krumm-tec

[icon name=”cogs” class=”” size=””] FUNCTION

Krumm-tec cleaning units are of high-quality, durable and reliable due to the use of high-grade material such as stainless steel. The precise handling faciliate your demanding processes.

[icon name=”tint” class=”” size=””] DESIGN

Aesthetics meets function: Good design and a high demand on functionality do not constitute a contradiction.

[icon name=”refresh” class=”” size=””] SERVICE

We focus on the satisfaction of our partners and customers. The most important aspects of our service are: flexibility, reliability and security.

[icon name=”lightbulb-o” class=”” size=””] INNOVATION

Our constant quest for innovative technologies and extraordinary solutions have made us what we are today.

Our Partners