Krumm-tec presents the CleanMatic9150

As the demand of printing larger FDM prototypes has been rising in the past few months, Krumm-tec has developed a cleaning cabin which is able to handle even the biggest protoypes – the CleanMatic 9150.

With external dimensions of about 2 metres in width, depth and height, it takes its place as the biggest cleaning cabin of the Krumm-tec CleanMatic series. The CleanMatic 9150 was especially developed for the handling and cleaning of large and heavy prototypes, thus is it equipped with a workspace of 1050 x 640 x 920 mm size, the ability to hold items up to 300kg and a tank volume of maximum 380 litres.

After the prototype has been lifted into the basket manually or with the help of a crane, the whole cleaning process is performed automatically. As soon as the basked is equipped, it immerses into the waterbath, which consists of pure water, aqueous solutions or even caustic soda (for FDM) – depending on the material of the part. With a powerstream and a temperature up to 80° degrees, the part is being removed of any residues. To even clean the smallest hollow spaces, the basket can be turned 360° degrees on its own axis.

About the CleanMatic series

The CleanMatic series consists of six cleaning cabins raging from the smallest CleanMatic 2150 for small prototypes to the CleanMatic 9150 for larger ones. They were all developed for the cleaning of FDM prototypes, but are also able to clean Polyjet, plastic and metal materials. The cleaning methods of the CleanMatic series range from purging with ultrasonic to heating and powerstream. All CleanMatics are also available in EX-proof for cleaning with dissolvents and alcohol.