Foundation of the company Krumm as a crafts business.

When the skilled in-house technician Karl and his wife Anna Krumm founded their business in the small wine town Bahlingen, Germany in 1958, it was the start of the success story of the company Krumm. In the early years, the newly founded business specialized in bathroom planning and repairs.


Development of the first hand-controlled cleaning cabin.

In the 90s, the company Krumm showed inventive craftsmanship and entrepreneurial initiative –on a customer’s request to develop a safe method for cleaning oil vapors, the company invented the first hand-controlled cleaning cabin. In the following years, the business took up the challenge of offering individualized industrial cleaning cabins to its customers.


Industrial manufacturing of cleaning solutions.

The company Krumm concentrates on its strengths as a specialist for industrial cleaning solutions and widens the range of its products by developing form testers and air filters. Increasing quantities, the demand for different solvents and various cleaning methods requires an industrial manufacturing of the cleaning cabins.


Foundation of Krumm-tec.

With the growing range of products which offer individualized cleaning solutions, the company Krumm develops from a once small local crafts business to the industrial company Krumm-tec. Globalization was the prevalent force in the years around the millennium – Krumm enhances its position in the fast-growing market and earns Germany-wide customers, and after that, takes over the international market.


Krumm-tec enters the rapid prototyping industry.

When the first companies start to produce prototypes out of plastic instead of aluminium, the company Krumm-tec immediately takes action and works towards the new requirements of the emerging market of the 3D-industry. Former suppliers of the erstwhile crafts business become customers over night. With the new growing market, Krumm-tec faces the challenge of finding solutions for cleaning new materials, i.e. Polyjet or FDM.


55 successful years of company history.

The specific ways of work and knowledge developed over the years have made Krumm-tec what it is today: in the fields of industrial cleaning solutions and air filter systems Krumm-tec is one of the leading technology companies worldwide – the former handicrafts business changed to a globally-operating industrial sME company.


Krumm-tec has 32 employees, 18 representatives and 5 buildings

Krumm-tec has service points in Austria, Switzerland, France, Canada, America, Italy and the BeNeLux-countries. Experienced employees and technologically grade products allow the company to become your active partner on which you can depend at any time.


Research and development.

Our new showroom not only serves as a presentation room, but also as a place where customers and enthusiasts can convince themselves of the quality and efficiency of the Krumm-tec industrial cleaning systems. As there is a representative selection of the cleaning cabins, various cleaning methods such as air pressure and ultrasonic can be tested there.


Delevopment of the CleanLine.

With the CleanLine we developed a modular cleaning system,  which helps our customers to execute the successive cleaning steps according to their individual requirements. Krumm-tec not only strives for the ideal solution concerning the composition of the machines, but also an suitable connection to the environment.