CleanLine: Cleaning for individual workflows

Professional work requires individual workflows. With the CleanLine, you are able to form the successive cleaning steps according to your requirements, which ensures an efficient cleaning process.

The CleanLine is not a standard solution, it will be manufactured according to the individual wishes and possibilites of our customers. When putting together the components, you are able to draw from our whole range of product. This means not only choosing from our wide range of cleaning cabins, but also from different work spaces and – if needed – EX-proof models. It is also possible to integrate one (or more) of our ultrasonic-capable machines such as the CleanMatic series. Depending on the requirements of our customers, we offer a multitude of individual additions and accessories, which increase the efficiency of the cleaning process. As the result of our many years of experience in the area of industrial cleaning, we are able to provide comprehensive advice to our customers.

We see the adjustment to the circumstances of the production facility as the basis of a high-grade cleaning solution. Therefore, Krumm-tec not only strives for the ideal solution concerning the composition of the machines, but also an suitable connection to the environment.


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